Acting Headshots for Pasadena Actors

Commercial and theatrical headshots for actors in Pasadena

If you’re looking for quick and easy acting headshots in Pasadena, email me! I have collections that include hair and makeup and 5 retouched images. You’re also able to purchase just one or two headshots if you’re just getting started or just need an update.

This is one of Angie's acting headshots in Pasadena, CA. She is wearing a white long sleeved sweater with a scoop neck. She is leaning against a white brick wall. Her smooth dark hair comes down to her shoulders. She has a slight smile and her brown eyes are looking directly into the camera. She looks friendly and approachable, pretty and relaxed. This photo was taken by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Headshot 1 – Angie with a casual, natural look

Commercial vs. Theatrical headshots

Commercial headshots are for sending to casting directors who will put you in a commercial. You’ll be selling a service or product and generally want to look friendly and trustworthy. Appealing to a wide variety of people is the goal.

(Above) Headshot 2 – Angie as lead actress

Theatrical headshots can be more creative. These headshots are for getting work in plays, films, or television. You can show more personality and take on different characters.

(Above) Headshot 3 – Angie with a traditional commercial headshot

Casting directors see thousand of actors’ headshots

When I used to be in the casting director’s office, there would be piles and piles of 8x10s that they would sort through. You would put your physical characteristics and your acting resume on the back. It was a daunting job!

(Above) Headshot 4 – Angie as tough girl or non-nonsense sidekick

These days, most actors submit their headshots online. This means it’s much less expensive to get started and you don’t have to print hundreds of headshots.

Chris needed updated acting headshots in Pasadena. This is a theatrical headshot showing off his physique. With this headshot submitted to casting directors, he could be a background actor in a gym, a bystander on Muscle Beach in Venice, CA, or a tough guy. It is a three-quarter photo showing him from his waist up. He is sitting in a chair facing camera right. His shirt is off and he has large muscles. He is wrapping himself in his arms to show off his muscles but also a softer side. He's looking down at the floor and we can see his profile. This image is black and white and is more like a fine art image. It is gritty and there is texture on his skin. He looks pensive and strong. Photo taken by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above ) Headshot 1 – Chris showing off his physique for acting roles
(Above ) Headshot 2 – Chris showing a tough guy persona

We’ll discuss what kind of acting headshots you need

We’ll talk about outfit choice and who you want to portray and what kind of image you want to present.

(Above) Headshot 1 – Meredith with a friendly commercial headshot

Retouching is usually kept to a minimum as you want casting directors to see what you really look like. I’ll remove blemishes and stray hairs but don’t usually remove wrinkles or sun damage. Of course, if you want more retouching done, I’m happy to do it.

(Above) headshot 2 – Meredith with a powerful feminine vibe
This is a theatrical headshot for Meredith. She is playing a bookish, smart character. Her smooth dar brown hair reaches just above her shoulders and is curled in. She's wearing clear plastic glasses with a large frame. Her lips are a pale wine color and her eyebrows are nicely shaped. She's facing to he left and her gaze is at the camera. She has a slight, pleasant smile. Her shirt is light brown and unremarkable. This is clearly someone who cares more about pursuits of the mind than her wardrobe. Photo taken by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot 3 – Meredith as a smart, bookish character

Hair and makeup

My stylists are skilled at creating a natural look for commercial headshots. If you want dramatic or gritty theatrical headshots, they can do that too. We’ll talk about how you want your hair and makeup before your session.

(Above) Headshot 4 – Meredith theatrical headshot as a woman in charge

If you’re doing your own makeup, I suggest you apply it as normal. You don’t need to create overly dramatic eyes or have pancake foundation. The simpler and more natural, the better. Even if you feel you’re not good with makeup, if you use a light touch, you’ll be fine.

If you’re doing your own hair, keep it simple. Now is not the time to try a new style or something intricate.

Chris wanted acting headshots in Pasadena. This is a standard commercial headshot. Her face is upturned to the camera and she has very little makeup on. Her long black hair rests on her shoulders. She has dark groomed brows. Her lip color is a subtle rose color. She is smiling and look approachable and trustworthy. Her natural beauty shines though. Photo taken by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Chris with a standard commercial headshot

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