Bass Lake August

My friend and I took our girls to Bass Lake up near Yosemite this summer. Yes, the water is that shade of blue-green. It was gorgeous.

My daughter and I had to make a bathroom trip at 3am one night and as we were walking there, we heard a couple of big snaps in the woods. Too big to be a raccoon or a fox. We kept walking, did our business, then got back to the tent. About 10 minutes later, as I’m lying in my sleeping bag, I hear something walking very softly between Gwen’s and my tents. Then I could feel something standing right behind me, like 6 inches from the back of my head on the other side of the flimsy tent. I stopped breathing, every sense alert.

It moved away and we heard the coolers at the next campsite get tipped over. Two brown bears were visiting. Our neighbors had a pickup truck and couldn’t lock up any of their food. Gwen and I had been extra cautious and locked all food, deodorant, ChapStick, etc in the U-Haul.

That night the bears took Cheetos and cookies. They make this lovely purring sound as they walk around, like a big cat.

The next night we heard some loud crashes at other campsites, then they visited our neighbors again. Earlier, I had realized that my daughter had left her wax lips in the tent and I wondered if the bears would smell them. I had stuck it in her shoes on the outside of the tent and hoped it served as a peace offering. Gwen and I were whispering through the tents to each other. Our neighbor used the remote on her key chain to repeatedly set off the lock and unlock beep to warn us that there were bears afoot in case we weren’t awake. Thankfully, the girls slept through everything both nights, so we had the luxury of not dealing with freaked-out kids.

That night, the bears took bacon. Well, duh.


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