Big Sur: Saturday

When we were camping, the outside world drifted away. No computer or phone or Facebook updates. I never knew what time it was and there was no need to find out. I woke up when I was done sleeping and went to bed when I was tired. The kids would roll out of bed in the morning and rush from the tent to find someone to play with. I would get up later and make my way to the stove to put the kettle on. After two cups of strong Irish tea I would walk over to the campfire and join the others.

Families took turns providing dinner every night. On the weekend, breakfast was also provided. Saturday morning we had breakfast burritos.

Lulu had KP duty after breakfast. We were near the bathrooms and there was piping hot water.

The girls had fun practicing their skit for the evening’s talent show.

A little post-prandial treat: Pillsbury cinnamon rolls roasted over the fire and dipped in icing.

We had Bag-O tournaments every day. The object is to get the beanbag into the hole or at least on the board. The first team to hit 21 wins and advances to the next round.

We decided to hike up to Pfeiffer Falls.

It was called a “stroll” in the guidebook. And if by “stroll” they meant heaving yourself up a mountainside and frequently stopping to gasp for air, then they were right.

More Bag-O.

A dinner of Sloppy Joes, salad, watermelon, chips and chili con queso.

Getting ready for the talent show.

Here is the skit my girls performed:

Lulu: There’s an echo in here. Allow me to demonstrate. (calling out loudly) Hello!
Echo: (answering from the back row) Hello!
Lulu: Horses!
Echo: Horses!
Lulu: Baloney!
No answer.
Lulu: Let’s try something else. (Calling out) I am the most beautiful girl in the world!
Echo: Baloney!


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