Bolsa Chica

We decided to head to the beach for our playdate this week. We chose Bolsa Chica in Orange County because there are firepits there. It was our way of celebrating the end of summer, even though we have a good two weeks before school starts.

We brought our hot dogs and ketchup and mustard, potato chips and pretzels and popcorn, salami and cheese, watermelon and cantaloupe, marshmallows and Hershey bars and graham crackers, lollipops and Oreos, root beer and Cokes and juice boxes.

We forgot the matches and the kindling; maybe we need to prioritize?

My friends and I look forward to these get-togethers as much as the kids do. We spend most of our time laughing, and the car ride is as much fun as the beach itself.

I always have to take one shot of Pam on her phone.

Trying to build a fire in the wind and using the Smashball paddle for a windbreak. There was a store adjacent to the parking lot where we bought a lighter and lighter fluid and grabbed a newspaper for kindling. We got the fire lit just before we ran out of fluid, but not before we had to burn a roll of paper towels.

Doing a fire dance inspired by the Just Dance game for Wii.

Shielding the fire from the wind, because if the flame went out, we were in trouble!

Cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs.

The boys decided to experiment and grill anything that was edible.

Working on trust issues.

No, the umbrella is not on fire, although one of the beach chairs did get blown into the fire and singed.

Guess who?

Maria said, “The next time someone’s going to say something funny, tell me first so I don’t have any food in my mouth! I almost choked to death!”

It was fully dark when we packed up, and we made a quick trip to Starbuck’s for the ride home.

Subjects discussed during the ride:
True Blood
Japanese game shows
PTA fundraising
The Boleyn Girls series of books (The Boleyn Inheritance is great)
a weekend in Vegas
romance books with good sex scenes
Jon Hamm or George Clooney? (okay, maybe that conversation was in my head)
needing to go to bed earlier
needing to lose weight
needing to have more patience
When can we get together next?


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