Creative Headshots Los Angeles

This image features Bri, a hair stylist. She's a premier example of a creative headshot in Los Angeles. She is wearing a black off-the-shoulder top that shows off her shoulders. She has a colorful tattoo running down her right arm. It's a mixture of text and flowers. She's wearing a chunky silver ring on her right hand. There is another tattoo on her left shoulder and another one on her left forearm and bicep. Her long thick black hair is pulled back behind her shoulders. Her right arm is resting on a black table with her hand elegantly relaxed. She's sitting and her head is ever-so-slightly turned away from the camera. She's not smiling and looks mysterious and elegant. Fine art creative headshots of women in Los Angeles. If you want alt branding and want to show your creative side, let's create killer headshots for you at my Pasadena studio.

Creative headshots Los Angeles

I love creating one-of-a-kind creative headshots and cool branding. People who do things their own way and don’t follow the beaten path are my favorites. Life is too short to follow the crowd.

Octavia loves her tattooed back, just one of her many tattoos. This image shows her back with a full back tattoo of wings. She is only wearing black pants. We can see the curve of her hips. Her left arm is raised up and her arm is curved over her head. The backdrop is black and the only thing visible is her back. The light is highlighting her skin and throwing everything else into darkness. Creative headshots and cool branding for artists in Los Angeles.
This image shows Miss V wearing a lace fabric and standing in the backlight. She is a young woman in her 20's and surrounded by white light. Her hair is black past her shoulders and she has red lips. Soft and romantic alternative cool branding for women. Creative headshots Los Angeles for all artists. Come to my Pasadena studio and explore your creative side. Rebecca Little Photography

I create alternative visual branding for

  • bands
  • makeup artists
  • singers
  • actors
  • lighting designers
  • songwriters
  • hair stylists
  • dancers
  • tattoo artists
  • models
  • authors
  • artists
  • creative people of all kind
Ballet dance photos with tulle and leg warmers. Michelle is a professional dancer in her late 30's.  Her she sits facing the big window to her right. She has on a light blue sweater over her matching leotard. She has on sheer leggings and a white tulle skirt. Her feet are clad in ballet shoes and pointed. Cool branding photos for dancers. Document your dance journey with fine art photos that showcase your grit and grace. At Rebecca Little Photography photo studio in Pasadena, we understand you want to stand out in a crowd.
Chris is an Australian actor who need headshots. I created about 80 headshots showing him in different roles. This image is in black and white and shows off his strongly muscled arms. He is sitting down and his arms are wrapped around himself. The image is cropped close so we focus on his physique. I love shooting actors like Chris Atkins and making creative headshots. We created so may different looks, from boy-next-door, to tough guy bouncer, to upscale sophisticate, to fitness model, to some wrestling and military poses. Chris was in the WWE training program in Florida and is now living in Los Angeles and pursing many opportunities, including acting. He knows how important headshots are for actors who are trying to be seen by casting directors. We shot in my photo studio on Green Street in Pasadena and on location outside on the street with backgrounds like red brick walls and gritty urban areas and tree-lined streets.

Stand out from the LinkedIn crowd

If you want something different from the LinkedIn crowd, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Creative headshots attract the type of client who appreciates your individuality and would enjoy working with you.

Here are some creative headshots I created for a makeup artist who wanted something different.

Isn't this a strong black and white portrait of Jo-Ann? She posed for this photos during a Day of Beauty put on by the Foundation for Living Beauty in downtown Pasadena. This black and white image shows her standing up in front of a large bare vine. The vine wraps around the metal fence and makes a fabulous backdrop.  She's wearing a black dress with flower cutouts. The is a black tulle inset over her cleavage. One arm angles up and grabs the vine and the other arm is down with her hand resting behind her back. Her arms are strong and muscled. Living Beauty is a nonprofit in Pasadena that helps women living with cancer. Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA for creative headshots in Los Angeles.
I love conceptualizing creative headshots Los Angeles! This images is a black and white double exposure. It features a woman in her 20's with blonde hair and brown eyes. The base layer image is her semi-profile looking to the right. The second layer is blossoms and tree branches. I superimposed them and came up the this creative headshot. Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.

Every session is customized for you

Before your session, we’ll discuss what kind of image you want to project, what kind of wardrobe you should wear, and if you need professional hair and makeup services.

I’ll answer any questions and let you know what to expect at your session. I want you to be comfortable before you even enter the studio.

Alternative one of a kind headshots for women in Pasadena. If you want romantic photos with flowers and drama come to Rebecca Little the premier photographer for women in Pasadena and have fun and explore your creative side at her Pasadena, CA studio.
Sam is wearing black feathered wings. Her back is towards the camera and she is looking off to her right. The backdrop is black. Her wings are highlighted by the light shining on them. It's a moody, dark, serious, contrasty photograph.This is a black and white image was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
This is an image of Megan, It is cropped close from the top of her hair to just below her neck. It's off-centered. She's gazing directly at the camera. Her skin is white and her eyes are dark, black, even. Her lips are pale pink. Her eyes are rimmed with smoky eyeliner and mascara. Her brows are black and styled thick. She has a direct gaze and no smile. It's a close-up portrait that grabs your attention. Created by rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA

It’s okay to be different. In fact, it’s better.

Your branding is personal to you and your business and should reflect the real your authentic self. Don’t try to fit a traditional mold if it’s not you.

You may want creative portraits if you live in Los Angeles and are

  • tattooed
  • wildly romantic
  • have a vivid fantasy life
  • not looking for connections on LinkedIn
  • love your vintage wardrobe
  • people have always told you you’re different
  • have cool and alternative clients
  • work in the arts
This image is of Karly, a Los Angeles makeup artist. She's facing the camera and leaning slightly forward. There is sheer black tulle over her face, neck, chest, and shoulders. Here dark brown eyes are rimmed in sparkly blue eyeshadow. Her skin is pale and her lips are shimmering with pink lipgloss. Silver lipstick is applied over the pink gloss. The background is black and we don't see anything behind her. her black hair is parted in the middle and pulled into a tight ponytail. The focus is on her face and neck. The tulle shimmers and bunches in places and adds an interesting texture. A black swath of layered tulle cascades over one eye. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.

What happens next?

First, you’ll get in touch. Email is preferred and usually faster, but you’re welcome to call or text me to make first contact. Use the contact form or email me directly at Rebecca@ or call/text me at 626-676-9295

Then, we’ll talk about what kind of images you want and how you want to present yourself to the world.

If you have very clear ideas about what you want, great! If you know you want images that are unique and creative, but you’re not sure just what that looks like, after I know who you are and what your goals are, I will take some time to storyboard some ideas.

Now you’re excited and want to schedule your session, so we’ll choose a time and date.

You’ll gather wardrobe and any props, and schedule a haircut and other (optional) personal care services so you’re ready for your session and feeling good.

The day of your session you’ll arrive and I’ll welcome you to the studio. You may be a bit nervous and that’s okay. We’ll hang up your clothes and get you something to drink.

If you’ve chosen to use my stylists, you’ll get comfortable in the chair and they’ll talk with you about what kind of look you want and how you like your hair.

If you’ve done your own hair and makeup, I’ll set up the first shot while you’re getting settled and making last minute adjustments to your hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

I work quickly and efficiently and won’t stop until you have a good variety of creative headshots to choose from.

I’ll send you a Creative Headshots guide

After we decide the creative direction of your session, I’ll send you a Creative Headshots Guide that has everything in writing. It is very thorough and goes over everything you need do to be prepared for your session.

It includes

  • time and date of session
  • address of studio
  • where to park
  • amount due and methods of payment
  • what to wear
  • how many outfits to brings
  • about jewelry and nails
  • how to arrive if you’re having hair and makeup services
  • what to avoid when doing your own makeup
  • when your creative headshots will be ready
  • how your images will be delivered

My sessions are easy and relaxed

There’s no rushing and I have no time constraints. I have no other sessions for the rest of the day and my focus is on you.

I direct you where to stand and sit and how to pose. You don’t have to worry about getting it right, because I’ll guide you through the best way to present yourself.

I’ll choose the appropriate backdrops and lighting setups to create the right atmosphere. I take care of all the technical details.

Ready to schedule your headshot?

Email is preferred and usually faster, but you’re welcome to call or text me to make first contact. Use the contact form or email me directly at Rebecca@ or call/text me at 626-676-9295

My studio is in Pasadena, CA and I’d love to create something unique for you.

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