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I think most people dread getting their photographs taken because of the expectations.
The expectation to have everyone smile at the same time.
The expectation to look like you love every minute of your life,
to have outfits that match,
to present something to the camera that will impress others.

I don’t expect any of that.
What I expect is you to show up and be yourself. Nothing more.

If your kids are being uncooperative, don’t worry.
We’ll ignore them for a while. They usually come around.

If you are like most families, during the course of the day you will
roll your eyes
be certain that yours is the most beautiful baby in the world
raise your voice
regret raising your voice
be close to tears
hug your child
kiss your husband
stare distractedly into the distance
sigh heavily
prepare a meal
share a meal
clean up after a meal
snuggle at bedtime and think this is the best life ever
repeat, repeat, repeat.

The thing is, I find this interesting.
I want to photograph it.
I think it’s fantastic.

I love running after your children.
I love studying your face and seeing the beauty in it.
I love watching your family interact.

I don’t want to be one more thing on your to-do list.
I want to meet at your house or the beach or the farmers’ market or the park and have fun.
Not have fun in a “we’re a perfect family, our hair is always shiny and we’re always laughing” sort of way
but in an authentic,
I love my life and my family,
I’m healthy,
my children are safe and secure,
we have clean water to drink,
there are no bombs falling.
I want to remember this, *really* remember this,
how we looked, how we felt,
how life.


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