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The kids are on spring break so we headed to Disneyland.
Everything came together for a perfect day:
no one else has their break at the same time, so the park was empty, which means no lines,
warm weather but not hot,
and a Disneyland veteran/good friend, aka Gwen, who accompanied us and knew exactly where to go and what to do.

It was the first visit for the girls and they were over the moon!
I didn’t tell them we were going until 15 minutes before our friends arrived.

Must-have supplies for the car ride.
In the Starbucks parking lot while Gweneth got us coffee.
Waiting for the tram.

We learned all about the tradition of trading pins. You can walk up to any Disney employee who is wearing pins and trade with them. We bought our lanyard and pins when we entered the park and all day long were searching for people to trade with.
Nice tradition or brilliant money-making idea?
Aboard the Jungle Cruise.

Calling Dad during lunch. I’m quite sure he will never set foot in Disneyland.
After Mom says yes to cotton candy for everyone!
On the train. We wanted to get to Autopia!
Driving cars at Autopia! She’s a natural ‘though we were laughing so hard I stalled the car once.

On the Finding Nemo submarine.
Chasing bubbles.
On the Teacups. Gweneth is not a fan of spinning rides so she sat this one out. I don’t like to spin either but I wanted to get some photographs, so it was the four girls and me. We argued in line about who wanted to spin fast and who wanted no spinning and who was going to ride with whom. At the last minute, we all decided to go together after they promised they would just spin just a *little bit*. It turned out to be the best ride of the day.

On It’s a Small World.
As the sun was going down we made it to Toontown. It’s for kids under 5, but the design of the buildings was kind of cool.
A ride on the carousel before heading to downtown Disney for dinner.

After dinner, we watched the fireworks, then headed home.
It took us all the next day to recover. And by “recover” I mean sleeping in till 9:00am, leaving the house only for a draught of strong black tea and Madeleines, and reading books in bed all day.


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