Outfits for Dating Photos

Let’s talk about outfits for dating photos

What outfits should you wear for dating photos? I’ve created a simple guide below that gives you clothing tips so you can have a variety of flattering looks. These clothing ideas for your dating profile are geared toward women, but I’m happy to create compelling images for men as well.

The goal is to make it easy for you to assemble a selection of outfits that make a great first impression on dating sites.

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This is an images of a young woman wearing a red sweater. The sweater has long sleeves and is buttoned up. The woman has long blond hair and is smiling at the camera. She is standing in front of a yellow wall and smiling at the camera. Here eyes are blue and her skin is pale. This is an example of an outdoor informal headshot that is used for a dating site. This is an example outfits to wear for dating photos as it is a happy confident color and looks good with her hair and skin. Image created in Pasadena, CA by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Dating photo for J created at my Pasadena studio.

First, wear clothing you love and feel good in

The goal is to attract a soulmate, not portray an image that isn’t you. Choose wardrobe that reflects your style. Choose colors that look good with your skin tone.

Second, bring a variety of outfits for your dating photos

You’ll need outfits for full-length photos, for medium body shots, and close-ups.

We don’t want the photos to look like they were all taken on the same day, which is why you want a nice variety.

Here is a photo of a young Chinese woman sitting in a chair. She is facing backwards in the chair The chair is wooden with a deep red seat. Her arm is resting on the back and her other hand is in her lap. Her dark long hair is blowing in the breeze and she is showing a slight smile to the camera. She's wearing a white long sleeve top with sleeves that billow out at the wrists. The shirt has a low scoop neck.  This is an example of an outfit that can be worn for online dating photos. Image created in Pasadena, CA by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Portrait for M created at my Pasadena studio.

Third, consider clothing colors

Jewel tones photograph beautifully and make a fabulous choice for your dating profile. Colors like deep purple, violet, lilac, amethyst, a rich shade of green, royal blue, turquoise or red help create compelling dating photos.

Soft and gentle shades are also lovely. Silver, gray, pink, gold, ivory, pale blue, or light coral. If you think these colors wash you out, stick to shades that compliment your skin and hair.

Yellow and orange can reflect back onto your face and can change your skin tone. Unless these are your favorite colors, choose different ones.

Remember, you should feel comfortable and confident in whatever colors you choose for the outfits for your dating photos.

Here’s your gameplan

These are the outfits you should bring to your online dating photo session. There will be some overlap. For example, one of your dresses could also qualify as one of your full-length outfits.

  • 5 tops
  • 2 pants or skirts (jeans, casual pants or dressy pants)
  • 2 full-length outfits
  • a sweater or jacket
  • 2 dresses
  • a hat, ball cap, or beret
  • a scarf
  • your favorite jewelry
  • hair accessories and a hairbrush
  • a variety of lipsticks

Let’s go through each outfit

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Here is a headshot of a young woman that is used to demonstrate outfits for dating photos. She's wearing a black tshirt with a scoop neck that would be the perfect outfit for dating photos. Outfits for your dating profile are important so please take time to consider what you will bring to your session. 
This woman has a friendly, approachable face and is wearing a big smile. Her hair is light brown and reaches her shoulders. It's styled in soft curls. Her eyes are blue and she has eyebrows that are a bit darker than her hair. She looks good-natured and happy. Image created in Pasadena, CA by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Portrait created for Emily at my Pasadena studio.


Lower necklines like V-necks and scoop necks that show your collarbone and neck open your face and are more flattering. Turtlenecks can work too, as they frame your face and can look fashion-forward.

Check to see if your bra shows through. Wear dark bras under dark outfits and bras that match your skin tone under sheer fabrics or pale colors. Consider a t-shirt bra. These are designed to disappear under clothing and provide a smooth silhouette under even sheer fabrics. To see my favorite t-shirt bra, click here

Pants or skirts

These won’t be as important as your tops for most of your photos. In the hierarchy of outfits for dating photos, think of them as the foundation for your look, as clothing closer to your face is always more important.

Make sure your clothing fits – not too loose or too tight. You may be sitting for one of your full-body shots, so make sure your skirt is long enough that it doesn’t ride up.

Check how your pants fit when you’re sitting. If the pockets gape or your waistband becomes too tight, either choose a different pair or wear a dress for your seated shot. Clothing that is too tight looks uncomfortable and definitely doesn’t make a good first impression.

This is a headshot of a man in a bright blue button down shirt. The shirt has a pattern of white and red stripes and looks like professional dress. He is standing outside against a neutral stone wall. He has a white beard, pale skin, and blue eyes. He's smiling an dlooking directly into the camera with an open expression. His arms are crossed. Image created in Pasadena, CA by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Image created for Mike outdoors near my Pasadena studio.

Full-length outfits for your photos

You always want to show a full-body photo on your dating profile. For me, this means from the top of your head to about the lower thigh. We don’t really need to see shoes or feet, but it is important to give people an idea of your body type.

Wrap dresses are flattering on everyone and are nice for creating an hourglass shape.

Form-fitting is better than caftan-like tops. Oversized billowy tops make you look heavier than you are.

Don’t forget shapewear for a smooth silhouette.

Headshot for author Laura taken at my Pasadena, CA studio.Laura is wearing a blue gray scarf wrapped around her shoulders and a chunky silver necklace. There are tall green cactus and green trees behind her. She's facing to the left and her face is towards the camera. Her short, thick hair is brown with soft gold streaks and looks bouncy and healthy. She's smiling at the camera. This could be used for an online dating photo, or as an example of a good outfit to wear for dating photos, or a professional headshot, or a photo for her family. Image created by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Image created for Laura at my Pasadena studio. I have indoor and outdoor locations.

Jackets and sweaters

Layers are an easy way to change your look. They can also add texture and color.


Like I said above, wrap dresses are universally flattering and are always a good choice. Choose dresses that are different colors and patterns. You can add a sweater or scarf for an additional look.

When considering your outfits for dating photos, you want your personality to shine through. It’s not so much about a specific wardrobe, but highlighting your best features through artful choices of clothing.


A baseball caps, beret, sun hat, etc. can be a cute option if it fits your personality and interests. A baseball cap makes your close-up photo feel less like a headshot and more informal.

This is an example of outfits for dating photos. This young woman is wearing a LA Dodgers baseball cap in bright blue. There is a matching blue window frame behind her. She's smiling at the camera and her hand is holding on to the brim of her hart. Her hair is long and blond and styled in soft waves. She's smiling at the camera. Her eye are pale blue. This images was created for an online dating profile by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Dating image created for J at my Pasadena studio.


Another way to add variety and a pop of color to your images. You could choose a chunky winter scarf, a pashmina, or a silk scarf.


Don’t feel like you need to change your jewelry for every photo. You can put on your favorite pieces and forget about it. If you want to bring an assortment of jewelry, plan out before your session which pieces go with which outfit.

Make a good first impression with your wardrobe choices

If your default is to dress casually and wear jeans and a t-shirt most of the time, you’ll need to balance your desire to make a good first impression with being true to your style.

Please don’t bring dresses or dressy pants if you never wear them. We can create lovely photos with casual outfits. I would suggest t-shirts in a variety of colors and styles, and a few different pairs of jeans or yoga pants. We can celebrate your love of the outdoors or gardening or your bookish nature.

It’s best to be authentic and wear clothes that reflect your true nature.

This is an image of a woman in her 40's running on a neighborhood street. She's wearing black yoga pants and a bright blue tshirt. She has an iPod in her hand and earbuds in her ears. It's a sunny day and she casts a long shadow in the street. It is about 5 pm in southern California where this shot was taken. She is smiling at the camera and it looks like we caught her mid-workout. This is a full-length body photo and illustrates outfits for dating photos for an active person. Image created in Pasadena, CA by Rebecca Little Photography.
(Above) Image created for Kelly near her Altadena Pilates studio.

Hair and makeup complement your outfits

Changing your hairstyle is the best way to ensure that your dating photos don’t look like they were all taken at the same time. This can be as simple as pulling your hair back into a ponytail for some of your photos or adding a headband or hair clip.

Changing your lip color is another easy way to add variety to your dating photos. I always suggest you bring three lip colors. If you don’t wear lip color, bring lip balm for touchups.


You want your outfits to reflect your personality, look good on you, and make you feel confident.

Your images should have a variety of styles and colors.

Your dating profile will be the first thing that people see and you want to attract like-minded partners. Along with your bio, the outfits you choose will present a cohesive presentation.

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