Pilates Studio Website Photos

Pilates Studio Website Photos

Pilates instructor branding photos showing Pilates teacher Kelly Etter in Altadena having a fun moment with her client.
(Above) A website photo for Kelly, a Pilates instructor in Altadena

Why website photos are important for a Pilates studio

Modern website photos give potential clients an intro to your Pilates studio and entice them to find out more. Show your clients why they should work with you!

If you need website photos for your Pilates studio, I can help!

There is a lot of competition out there for fitness studios and you want an attractive website with professional images to establish your position in the community.

You want to let clients know why they should choose you over other studios.

Pilates instructor branding photos for websites and social media. Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena creates professional branding images for small businesses in Pasadena and beyond. Here Kelly, an Altadena Pilates instructor, works out on her Pilates deck.
(Above) Kelly on her outdoor deck at her Altadena Pilates studio

Website photos for Altadena Pilates studio

The website photos above feature Altadena Pilates instructor Kelly Etter at her studio. She is a certified Pilates instructor with over 20 years of experience.

With Kelly, we wanted to show that she has a studio with modern equipment and also has an outdoor space where she holds classes. This is an attractive and unique feature that would appeal to a lot of people and we wanted to be sure and include it on her website.

You are the heart and soul of your Pilates studio and you need photos that tell your story to your audience. They need to see you in action and interacting with clients. They need to see what makes you unique.


A simple headshot is not enough

Your About Page is important and one of the first pages visited on a website. This is where a professional headshot should be featured, one that makes you look friendly and competent.

A headshot is the bare minimum you will need. An intimate, one-on-one relationship exists between a Pilates instructor and client. Potential clients who are making a decision between you and the studio down the street want to feel they know you before they even contact you.

Headshot of Kelly Etter Pilates instructor. Kelly wanted updated images for her website to show off her beautiful Pilates studio. Branding images are essential for small business owners and are the easiest way to attract clients.

Photos for marketing materials

A comprehensive series of website photos can also be for marketing materials. I deliver high-resolution images that can be used for flyers, handouts, and any kind of promotional material.

(Above) Kelly on her outdoor deck at her Pilates studio

Images for social media

It’s so important to engage with clients on social media. You need to visualize, plan, and create your own content and imagery and it can be a lot of work.

If you’re fully engaged with social media, you’ll needs lots of images. I can help!

If you want to engage with potential clients on Instagram, Facebook, Google business, or LinkedIn, compelling images are a must.

(Above) Kelly in her Pilates studio

What’s the best part of your business?

Think of the best parts of your business. Is it an efficient staff or your warmth and friendliness? Do you offer virtual, late-night or early-morning classes? These are the benefits you want to talk about on your website.

Let’s show it on your website and on social media. You want to reach the right clients and powerful images quickly convey what you offer.

There are so many images we can create!

  • you guiding clients through their workout
  • lifestyle shots of you interacting with your team
  • interior and exterior shots of your studio
  • visual profiles of your team to use with their bios
  • holding Zoom classes
  • taking continuing education classes
  • casual shots of you in your “off” hours
Pilates instructor branding photos include images of Kelly Etter, and Altadena Pilates instructor, working on her computer in her outdoor studio. Rebecca Little Photography who has a photo studio on Green Street in Pasadena has worked with many business owners to create branding photos for their websites.
(Above) Kelly working on her laptop at her Pilates studio

Let’s show off your Pilates studio

What machines do you have? Do you have a reformer or fitness circles or a Cadillac or Wunda chair? Pilates equipment is a significant investment and clients want to see that you have a wide range of options. Showcase your Pilates equipment with great website photos.

Pilates branding photos include Kelly Etter of Altadena, a Pilates instructor, getting in a workout before she heads back to her Pilates studio. It's a beautiful days with blue skies and golden sunshine. We created a series of professional Pilates branding photos for her new website. Rebecca Little Photography has done many branding sessions for small businesses in Pasadena and can customize a session just for you.

Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images are defined as unposed and usually not looking at the camera. They are natural and relaxed.

Examples of lifestyle images for a Pilates instructor could include

  • working on your laptop
  • sketching or writing in your journal
  • having coffee with clients
  • working out in your studio
  • hanging out with your pet
  • working in your garden
  • keeping fit by running or rollerblading

These lifestyle images show clients another side of you and can engage your clients more fully.

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