Senior Portraits Pasadena

Senior portraits for high school seniors

Don’t make do with the senior portraits from the high school photographer. Let’s design custom senior portraits that capture your personality and style.

(Above) Senior portrait created at my Pasadena studio

We’ll create a variety of looks

Are you glam, a gamer, bookish, introverted, on your way to art school, or prefer a top-10 party school?

I want to photograph who you are now and who you want to be.

This is a senior portrait of Sara, a high school senior in La Canada, CA. I shot this outdoors in a field at a local nature preserve. Sarah has long black hair with just a whisper of red. The sun behind her picks up the golden highlights in her hair. She has hazel eyes and dark eyebrows. Her smile is warm and engaging. I like creating senior portraits for girls because it's fun seeing what outfits they brought we talk about hair and makeup. I always offer professional hair and makeup services because it's such a treat to be like a celebrity for the day. And your hair will look amazing! I'm lucky that I create senior portraits in Pasadena because we have so many great locations to choose from. If you like an outdoor setting, or downtown grunge, or light and airy beach photos, we have it all. And the abundant sunshine means there are a lot of available shooting days. I schedule my senior portraits for early morning or late afternoon because of the gorgeous light. You can see the setting sunlight and how it provides a soft golden light that is so flattering. It's what creates a golden halo of hair and a gentle light on her face. Sarah is wearing a sleeveless black dress with two necklaces on thin chains. It's an understated elegant look. This senior portrait was taken by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Outdoor senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA

Maybe you want a magazine-style photo with gorgeous hair and makeup that gives you a glimpse of what your future could be.

Or maybe you’re most at home in a vintage t-shirt you found at your favorite thrift shop.

Or maybe you don’t know exactly what you want, but you want to look interesting and pretty and like your whole future is ahead of you and it’s going to be fabulous!

We’ll talk about who you are and who you want to be. I’ll design your senior portrait session around the way you want to be seen.

This is a black and white senior portrait of Pasadena high school senior Aaron. I love creating senior portraits! We created this photo at this high school senior's home. He wanted to pose with his dog Licorice. He's sitting in a chair in front of a large window holding his dog on his pap. Aaron is well lit, but we kept some shadows for dramatic contrast. He's wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, and Licorice the dog is black. He's a small dog and easily fits on Aaron's lap.It's important to create a variety of high school senior portraits and take some in the studio and some outdoors. Parents usually have their own ideas about the kind of senior portraits they want for their high schooler and I take everyone's opinion into account. I suggest you bring a suit and tie, a sweater with some texture, jeans and a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, and a shirt with a pop of color. This way I can photograph a nice variety. You may even be able to use one of the photos in the high school yearbook, but you have to check with your school. These senior portraits are perfect for family gifts and graduation announcements. This photo was taken by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) High school senior portrait of Aaron taken by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA
This is a close-up senior portrait of Aaron. He is a high school senior. He has brown eyes and brown hair. I wanted to capture his freckles in this senior portrait so I chose a close-up for dramatic effect. Moms usually love these close-up photos of their children. There is a vignette around his face so the focus is on his eyes. It's always a good idea to focus on the eyes so there is a connection between subject and viewer. This senior portrait was created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) High school senior portrait of Aaron taken by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA

From the moment I walked inside, she made me feel welcome, and it was clear throughout our session that she cares about her clients.

Margit S, Pasadena

My senior portrait sessions are fun and relaxed

I want to capture your authentic personality and style. I can do that by making sure you’re relaxed and having fun. My sessions are stress-free. When we’re in the studio I have your favorite music playing and plenty of snacks to keep your energy up.

This is a senior photo for Kiera in Pasadena. She has the most amazing spiral curls. She's wearing a black sleeveless dress cut low in front. The effect is understated elegance. Her hair is past her shoulders and thick. She has a penetrating gaze and comes across as assured. Her senior portrait conveys a strength and intelligence. She is a Black girl on the cusp of adulthood. I cropped the photo from above her abdomen so we can see her magnificent hair. This portrait was created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) A high school senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography at her Pasadena photo studio.

In-studio and outdoor locations

I have outdoor locations at my studio. The image below was created there.

For the best variety, you want in-studio and outdoor portraits.

My studio has a variety of backdrops and professional lighting equipment. I use hand-painted canvases for magazine-style backgrounds. My camera and lenses are professional-grade.

I’ve been photographing people professionally for over ten years.

I have numerous 5-star Google reviews.

This is an outdoor senior portrait for high school senior Kayla. She is standing outdoors surrounded by greenery. The branches and leaves from the Chinese Elm are framing her face in the most attractive manner. She's wearing a bright blue gown studded with sequins. It has spaghetti straps. He skin is pale and her eyes are blue. She has light brown hair parted at the side and reaching just above her shoulders. The sunlight is soft on her face. She has a winsome expression on her face. Her head is tilted up at a slight angle. Most high schoolers want outdoor senior portraits because they feel more relaxed and natural. I like choosing great locations for outdoor senior portraits because the right setting conveys a certain mood. These soft green leaves portray a gentle mood and softness that compliment her personality. This high school senior portrait was created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Pasadena senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography

Rebecca has the amazing talent to make the very nervous me feel comfortable in the studio.

Jill Masters, Los Angeles

We’ll have a Design Session to talk through everything

We go over absolutely everything, from how to prepare to what kind of photographs you want.

We’ll talk about outfits and hair and makeup.

We’ll talk about any special items you want to bring to your session.

Do you need gifts for grandparents or a special portrait for Mom? I always customize my session to you, but take into account the portraits that parents need too.

By the time your session rolls around, you’ll feel totally prepared and confident.

Look at this senior portrait for high schooler Shelby. She's wearing a bright white low turtleneck with long sleeves. The fabric is ribbed. She has honey blonde hair cut short and it rests on her shoulders. She has intense blue eyes the color of a clear midwestern sky. Her eyebrows have been waxed and styled and perfectly frame her eyes. They match her blond hair. She wanted senior portraits for high school, but also for her family. High school seniors are in transition and it's a milestone year. They're not quite grownup, but can vote and drive a car. It's important for senior portraits to reflect this first step into adulthood and independence. I took this from a high angle so that Shelby's head is a bit angled up and we see her eyes fully. She's completely engaged with the camera. The wall is white behind her and the sun is streaming in from the left side. The effect is nice and bright, clean and simple. It's one of my favorite senior portraits for girls. This photo was created by Rebecca Little Photography n Pasadena, CA.
(Above) High school senior portrait at the Pasadena studio of Rebecca Little Photography

Wardrobe for boys’ senior portraits

For boys, a good starting point for a variety of looks includes a suit and tie, a sweater with some texture, jeans and a t-shirt, a shirt with a pop of color, and a nice button-down shirt.

It’s always better to have too many outfits than not enough. We hang up all your clothes in the studio – that makes it easy to sort through them and choose the best combinations.

Joe is a young man sitting in a blue upholstered Victorian chair. The chair is low to the ground and called a slipper chair because it's the perfect height for putting on your slippers. Joe is wearing a black suite, white button down shirt and red tie with decorative dots. He has a serious expression and he faces the camera directly. His forearm is resting on his thigh and his other hand is on his other knee. It's a moody portrait of a stylish boy. Image created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Pasadena high school senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography at her Pasadena studio.

Wardrobe for girls’ senior portraits

A good variety for girls’ senior portraits includes your prom or graduation outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, your favorite sweater, a casual dress, and any clothing that has special significance.

A variety of textures and patterns is also recommended. It’s better to have too many outfits than not enough.

The most important thing is to bring clothes you love and feel comfortable in.

Even if that’s jeans and a t-shirt, or a fabulous tulle skirt and your favorite Doc Martens.

It’s better to bring more clothes than not enough

Most girls arrive with an armload of clothes, plus a couple of bags of accessories. That’s ok! We won’t use everything, but it’s good to have a variety so we can style different outfits.

For jewelry, I suggest keeping it simple. Delicate necklaces and earrings and your favorite rings are usually the best. Whatever you wear as part of your personal style is fine. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy something that doesn’t suit you. Be comfortable!

This high schooler came in for her with her mom. She brought over five outfits, which I encourage. It's better to have too many outfits than not enough. She is wearing a black evening dress that would be perfect for a cocktail party. It has long sleeves that have black strips of fabric over a sheer tulle. The body of the dress is opaque black. She has long light brown hair styled with soft curls and pulled away form her face. Her makeup was professionally done by my artist and looks fabulous. It's important not to overdo the makeup and have it soft and natural. My stylists are experts and know exactly how to create the perfect natural look. I used a hand-painted sage backdrop for this senior photo because I love how it compliments the black dress. She's siting on a three-legged stool that is out of frame. She is smiling and has a friendly expression on her face. This portrait was created by Rebecca Little Photography in her Pasadena, CA studio.
(Above) A high school senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography at her Pasadena photo studio.

I’ll send you a Prep Guide that comes with a handy checklist so you don’t forget anything.

There’s a lot to remember for your senior portrait session. That’s why I make it easy and write it all down in my Senior Prep Guide that I send after our Design Session.

Treat yourself to professional hair and makeup

My hairstylist can give you the perfect blowout, from super straight to beachy waves. They have a kit stocked with every hair product imaginable and professional styling tools. They have years of experience on film and tv sets and weddings.

My makeup artists can do winged eyeliner, smoky eyes, fabulous brows, and add lashes that make your eyes pop. Or they can create a fresh natural look. It’s up to you. They use professional products and their makeup kits are amazing. They’ll even give you product recommendations.

It’s fun to feel like a celebrity for the day and have a professional create the perfect look. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Getting your makeup done is one of the best things ever! I felt super confident and totally feeling beautiful.

Bri Orozco, Alhambra

I make you and your mom happy

You have specific ideas about your senior portraits. And so do your parents. My job is to make everyone happy by creating different scenarios and setups and capturing something for everyone.

At our Design Session, I’ll sit down with you and your parents and get everyone’s input.

High school senior Kayla is lying in a bed of flowers. Kayla is dressed in a brilliant blue gown with tiny silver sparkles. The gown is the color of a clear blue sky on a summer day. She's surrounded by hundreds of petals in shades of blue, white, pink, rose gold, yellow, and orange. There are a few green leaves and stems visible. She has a slight smile on her face and looking directly into the camera. Her skin is pale and unblemished. Her eyes match her dress. It's a stunning photo wild with romance. Senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Senior portrait created by Rebecca Little Photography in her indoor/outdoor Pasadena studio.

I guide you through posing

It can be nerve-racking to have a professional photo shoot. It’s not the same as taking a selfie.

How do you stand, where do you put your hands? Should I smile or be serious? Don’t worry! I guide you through it all. We create a variety of looks from serious to smiling, from lifestyle to moody editorial looks. And we’ll talk about it all before your session.

She has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable and brings out the best in you (and captures it beautifully!)

Indyra F. Pasadena

Props are welcome

I’ve included musical instruments, pets, and other personal items in a senior portrait session. Let me know your ideas.

What’s included?

Senior portrait sessions include professional hair & makeup, and an assistant to help with touch-ups and wardrobe styling.

Ready to schedule senior portraits?

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