Headshots for Women

Headshots for women in Pasadena

I specialize in creating flattering, professional headshots for women of all ages and at all stages in their careers.

Shannon wanted fun and flirty headshots. Her hair is long and wavy. My hair stylist gave her a fantastic blowout. She's facing the camera with her shoulders turned away. We see a hint of her black dress. There are no sleeves and you can see a bit of cleavage. Her skin is pale. She has a big smile.The backdrop is a dark gray and the sunlight is streaming in from the right side, illuminating her ling waves. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Kaitlin

Headshots are designed to make you look your best and engage your target audience with style and personality.

Call or email me any time with questions – I’d love to create your favorite headshots ever!

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Headshots include:

  • professional hair and makeup
  • an assistant to help you with hair & makeup touch-ups and wardrobe styling
  • in-depth wardrobe guidance
  • complimentary home visit to help you choose your outfits
  • multiple setups and outfit changes

Read about a Portrait Experience here

My sessions are easy and stress-free

My studio environment is fun and relaxed, but always professional.

This headshot is of an Executive Director of a foundation. She is transitioning into consultant work and wanted an image that was conservative and elegant and professional. She's wearing a deep blue linen blouse that features a boatneck and long, wide sleeves. he hand and arm ar reasting on a black table. Her body is slightly angles away from the camera. Her face is looking towards the camera and she has a slight smile. her gray hair reached her shoulders and softly swept back from her face. The backdrop is black hand-painted canvas, the same kind used in Vanity Fair magazine style portraits. The overall feel of the image is understated elegance. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Chris, a consultant for foundations

I do not consider myself to be photogenic, and usually do not like the way I look in photos, but I was VERY HAPPY with the photos that Rebecca took! She was professional and made me feel at ease during the photo shoot.

Joanna S, Altadena
Laura is an author and wanted a casual, fresh headshot, This was taken outdoors with an abundance of greenery behind her. It's a horizontal image. Laura is wearing a blue gray scarf around her shoulders and a chunky silver necklace. Her golden brown hair is cut short and her bangs are swept to the side and rest above her left eye. She's wearing pink lip gloss. Her eyes are blue.  She's smiling and looking directly at the camera. The image is well-lit and she is bathed in sunlight. This outdoor headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Laura, who needed a portrait for her new book

The feedback I get most often is, “That was so easy!”

This middle-aged woman is looking over her shoulder and facing the camera.Her linen jacket is dark blue. The photo is cropped at her shoulder so we can't see below that. Her hair is blond-red. She's wearing small gold dangling earrings. She's looks friendly as she turns her head to look into the camera. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Gwen, an Art Center employee

I guide you through poses

I guide you through poses but also give you the freedom to be yourself. I tell you the best way to sit and stand for the most flattering body shape. You don’t have to figure out how to present your best side because I walk you through it.

This is a branding image of a healthcare consultant in Pasadena. I love creating headshots for women as they bring interesting outfits in beautiful colors and I can create a wider variety of headshots. Terry is sitting in a large blue upholstered chair. It's covered in blue velvet and has gold studs around the arms. She's wearing a dark blue suit with a blue checkered button down shirt. There is a silver broach on her lapel. Her hands are clasped and she's leaning forward, sitting on the edge of the chair. She is looking directly at the camera and has a strong, confident gaze. She is in her 60's and has short cropped blond hair. Her eyes are blue.
This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.

It’s not your job to be photogenic – it’s my job to create beautiful headshots for you

This is an example of a casual, professional headshot taken outdoors. Desi is leaning against a red brick wall and looking off-camera. She has a bright blue button-down shirt and pale skin She's wearing small silver earrings. Her hair is deep red and cut short with wisps of sideburns. Her eyebrows match her hair color and are styled to frame her eyes nicely. There's a bit of greenery behind her and she's standing on the sidewalk. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for an Executive Assistant
(Above) Headshot for a college student

I’ll walk you through all the details

  • What kind of image do you want to portray
  • how many images do you need
  • how will you use each of your images
  • do you have branding colors
  • how to plan your outfits
  • how many outfits to bring
  • what to do before your session
  • how to prepare the night before your session
  • what to wear to the studio
  • when to expect your new headshots
  • how your headshots will be delivered


This is a branding image for a Pasadena accountant. It's a black and white image and the client is Black. She has a scarf wrapped around her shoulders and it's tucked into her arms so that it looks like a sweater. Her arms are crossed in front and she's wearing her wedding ring. It sparkles. Her hair reaches to her shoulders and is swept back from her face. She has a direct gaze and smiles at the camera. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Laurette, a CPA


This is a headshot for Joanna, a Pasadena accountant. She needed updated website photos and scheduled a session at my Pasadena studio. She's wearing a white and gray patterned blouse. My hair stylist created soft waves and her long brown hair falls past her shoulders. My makeup artist created a natural look with artfully-applied eye shadow and a soft, pale lip color. Joanna's looking directly at the camera. The light is coming from the right and is soft and flattering. This light is often called painterly because of the soft shadows. Joanna wanted branding images that were professional, but also approachable. It was important to have website photos that conveyed to potential clients that she was reliable and trustworthy, but not intimidating. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot in my Pasadena studio for a CPA

My headshots were beautiful and the day was fun and relaxing. She made everything super easy.”

Kathryn T, El Segundo
This is a portrait of a Black woman. She has spiral curls that attractively frame her face. She's wearing a red suit jacket. She has maroon glasses and is wearing red lipstick. She has a white blouse under her jacket with a high scoop neck. She is smiling and facing the camera. She looks professional and pretty. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for Felita, a project manager

I walk you through everything

Before your session, we’ll go over all the information so you feel fully prepared.

During your session, I take care of all the technical details and pose and light you in the most flattering way.

I’ll pose you so you know what to do with your hands and how to sit and stand.

Your facial expression and how you hold your body determine the success of your headshot. I’ll make sure we get it right!

This is an image of a woman in a red blouse. She's wearing a gold chain dotted with pearls. The light is coming from behind her and filling the room with white bright light. It highlights her pale skin and smooths her skin. Her light brown hair is cropped very short and her bangs sweep across her face. She's wearing dramatic red lipstick and it's very flattering against her pale skin.  Her teeth are white and her eyes are blue. This image is cropped as a traditional headshot showing her upper chest and shoulders.
This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.

Headshots for women

One of the best reasons to get an updated professional headshot is to have a photograph of yourself that you love.

If you’re putting it on your website and LinkedIn, you want to feel good about it. It’s often the first thing that people will see when they search for you.

This natural light headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA. It features an event planner and producer wearing a black t-shirt with a scoop neck, She's not wearing any jewelry. Her hair is soft and brown and sits prettily on her shoulders. There's no retouching done to this image and she comes across as natural and authentic.
(Above) Headshot for Emily, a producer

Different professions require different types of headshots

I photograph everyone from lawyers to designers to musicians to professors, and they all need something a little bit different. Almost everyone wants a photo that makes them seem friendly and approachable.

The more conservative professions prefer suit jackets, simple jewelry, and an in-studio setup.

Solopreneurs and creative people tend toward more casual lifestyle images.

We’ll talk about what kind of image you want to present before your session.

An image of a Vietnamese woman i her forties wearing a bright pink, red, and white dress. it has a v-neck and long sleeves. Her arms are crossed. She's facing the camera with a big smile on her face. Her hair is long and dark brown, almost black. The backdrop is a white wall. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Portrait for Phi-Phi

I’ve been photographing people professionally for over 14 years.

This actor wanted a collection of acting headshots. We were going for a natural look here. Her long black hair is on her shoulders and almost to her waist. She is smiling at the camera. She's wearing a black turtleneck. The effect is simple and striking. This actor headshot of Angie was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Acting headshot for Angie

I am fully vaccinated

As of March 2022, it’s your choice whether to wear a mask upon arrival. While being photographed, your mask will come off.

I am double vaccinated and triple boosted.

Jenni is a business owner in Wrightwood. She's wearing her branding color of bright, happy blue. She has a big smile showing white teeth. She wears dark gray patterned glasses. She comes across as friendly and professional.  Her blond hair reaches past her shoulders. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) A branding image for Jenni, a tax preparer in Wrightwood

My Pasadena studio offers outdoor locations

I have outdoor locations at my studio. The image below was created at one of them.

My studio has a variety of backdrops and professional lighting equipment. I use hand-painted canvases for magazine-style backgrounds. My camera and lenses are professional-grade.

This outdoor headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA for a children's book author. She's standing in fron of cactus and wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans.
(Above) Headshot for a children’s book author

I have numerous 5-star Google reviews

This image is from a series of acting headshots. Meredith is wearing a soft ivory sweater and a gold chain with a simple pendant. Her dark hair is bobbed just above her shoulders. Her eyebrows are nice styled and she's wearing a soft pink and brown eyeshadow. Her skin is smooth and pale. She has on pink-rose lipstick that compliments her coloring. She's smiling at the camera. This headshot was created by Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Headshot for actress Meredith

Click here If you’re interested in creative alternative headshots, click here.

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I accept QuickPay with Zelle, credit cards, and cash.

I create headshots for women in Pasadena and the following Pasadena-adjacent locations:

  • Briggs Terrace
  • Bungalow Heaven
  • Casa Grande
  • Chapman Woods
  • Clamshell Canyon
  • Daisy-Villa
  • Downtown Pasadena
  • Duarte
  • Elephant Hill
  • Emerald Isle
  • Garfield Heights
  • Glendale
  • Glenoaks Canyon
  • Hastings Ranch
  • Historic Highlands
  • Jefferson Heights
  • Kinneloa Mesa
  • La Miranda Park
  • Little Santa Anita Canyon
  • Lower Hastings
  • Madison Heights
  • Mayflower Village
  • Mid Central
  • Monrovia
  • Montecito Park
  • Montrose
  • Muir Heights
  • Newton Park
  • Normandie Heights
  • North Arroyo
  • Oak Knoll
  • Olga
  • Olive Heights
  • Omaha Heights
  • Orange Heights
  • Pasadena
  • Playhouse District


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