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Branding Photos for Websites and Social Media

You’ve decided it’s time to update your website with modern branding photos that capture the essence of your business.

You can choose Half or Full day sessions at your location. Continue reading to find out more about on-location sessions.

For studio sessions, read more here.

This tax professoinal need updated branding photos for her small business. We created this office look in my studio. She is sitting at a white table that serves as her desk. She's wearing a light blue sweater and rose gold scarf. Blue, rose gold, and white are her branding colors. She has a notebook, her glasses, and laptop on the table. Her notebook is rosegold. I'm photographing her from above so we can capture the scene on the table. There is a window behind her covered in white sheer curtains and the light softens the image. Lighting is so important in branding photos for consistency across your site. This client has blond hair down to her shoulders and is smiling at the camera. Her hands are curled around a white coffee mug. She looks friendly and welcoming. This branding image was created in my Pasadena studio. Rebecca Little Photography
(Above) Tax professional Jenni wanted new branding photos for her website

Branding sessions are for businesses that want fresh branding photos for their website, social media, and marketing materials.

There’s so much we can do at your location!

Branding photos we can create

  • Headshots for your team
  • Behind the scenes at your office – potential clients love to see these!
  • In-office and outdoor headshots
  • Lifestyle shots of you and your team interacting with each other
  • Create your own custom stock footage
  • A variety of images for Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business, and Facebook
  • Engage potential clients by showing your interests outside of your business: pets, sports, hobbies, etc.
  • Anything else that pertains to your business – I’d love to hear your ideas!
This is a collage of six images showing people playing tug of war. It's a bright sunny day and they are outside standing in front of a white house that serves as the CEO's office. There is a man in his late 50's wearing a dark suit and button down shirt. He had black glasses and a friendly demeanor. There is a redheaded woman in her early 60's with a purple cardigan. Beside her is a blond woman in her 20's wearing a black t-shirt. There's another woman in her 20's wearing a sleeveless black shirt and a woman in her 40's with her medium-length hair cut stylishly. They are all smiling, laughing, and having a good time. The rope is thick and bright yellow, They have it wrapped around their hands and are pulling in opposite directions. The GenXers are on one side and the Baby Boomers are on the other. This branding photo illustrates that different generations are often at odds and working against each other. Image created by rebecca Little Photography Pasadena, CA.
(Above) Branding photos for a South Pasadena company. Image created by Rebecca Little Photography.

Branding photo for floral designer Bri orozco of Blowouts & Blooms. It's so fun to work with artistic people and visualize and create branding photos that capture their spirit of their business. This florist wanted to display her flowers in an attistic way and we came up with two concpets. In this image, Bri is wearing a black turtleneck and black pants. She has thick black hair in a smooth bob that hits her shoulders. We've arranged flowers and greenery around a wooden ladder. She is standing beside the ladder and placing a single flower into the arrangement. Branding image created by Rebecca Little Photography at her Pasadena studio.
(Above) Floral designer Bri of Blowouts & Blooms

I have multiple 5-star Google reviews

Here is a photo of a young therapist in her office. She has long, thick brown hair with soft waves. She's wearing a deep blue blouse and a gold necklace. She's smiling at the camera. There is a bookshelf behind her filled with colorful books laying horizontally. She is brightly lit and looks relaxed and happy. This Pasadena therapist recently moved to the area and wanted to update her website with new headshots. It's nice to have professional photos done at your business location so potential clients can see where they will be meeting you. This office looks bright, with white walls and colorful books and a painting on the wall. There wasn't enough light from the window so I used my flash to illuminate her face and background.
(Above) Therapist Samantha at her office
(Above) Therapist Samantha in her office

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This is a collage that was created during Full-day Branding Sessions by Rebecca Little Photography. These six clients use KSHIFT, a Pasadena company that shifts the way you think and brings productivity and fun to your workspace. We have Pauline, a smiling redhead in a purple jacket, and Lisa, who is full of energy, We also have Bill who's giving a peace sign and a big smile, and in another image is wearing goofy glasses with dollar sign frames. Finally, there's Greg sporting a yellow shirt with his fists raised in triumph. These branding images are for Kat's updated website. Good website photos are important. They convey a sense of energy and good will. They attract the right client who wants to see what it's like to work with you. When you have the bright white background it is the perfect blank canvas to show off expression and outfits.
(Above) Informal, fun headshots created for KSHIFT by Rebecca Little Photography

Your Branding session is planned in advance

We will have detailed conversations about your business and what kinds of website and social media photos you want.

I will map out the entire session including specific shots and the photographic style you want. An example of style would be “well-lit and bright images, showing happy faces and bright colors”. I’ll create a lookbook with reference images, technical details, and notes from our planning sessions.

This branding image features Susan, a Japanese lecturer who teaches at USC. She is standing in front of a blackboard and speaking to her students (unseen). She's wearing a deep blue turtleneck sweater with sleeves pushed up to her elbows. She has a long string of pears around her neck. Her hair and short and black. She is gesturing with hands outstretched and a smile on her face. She teaches her students about the Japanese internment during World War II. Branding image created by Rebecca Little Photography at USC.
(Above) USC lecturer Susan in front of her students

We’ll talk about outfit selection

Wardrobe is important and we’ll have detailed discussions about what to wear. You may want to have several outfits on hand so we get a variety of looks and it won’t look like all the images came from the same session.

I can tell you what colors work well on camera and how to prepare to get the best branding photos possible.

If you’re involving clients and staff, we’ll discuss their wardrobe as well.

Pilates instructor Kelly sits on her outside deck and works on her computer. She sits on her wooden deck with her studio behind her. The studio is painted green on the outside and there are several potted plants on the deck outside the door. The large French doors are painted brick red. Kelly is sitting on a green yoga mat and leaning forward to work on her laptop. The sun is shing from the left side and streams across the deck. This Pilates Branding photo was created by Rebecca Little Photography at Kelly's Altadena studio.
(Above) Pilates instructor Kelly outside her Altadena studio

What if it’s just you in the office and you want more people?

Let’s get creative! Friends and favorite clients are usually thrilled to play the role of “extra”, especially if you offer lunch. A group of people gives visual interest and energy to your website photos and provides a nice variety.

(Above) Staff headshots for a national company

Are you working with a website designer?

I’m happy to work with your design team. We’ll sit down together and go over what kind of images you need for your site and in what format. We’ll talk about branding colors and all the technical stuff that you don’t want to worry about.

To read about all the details of website photography, click here

This image was created for the Fiducuary Round Table of the San Gabriel Valley. They have their monthly meetings at the University Club in Pasadena and I set up this shot on the patio. There are 13 board members and they wanted an updated photo for their website. I lighted this with two strobes and a diffusion panel. It's important to have flattering, even light and have all group members lighted correctly. The patio provides a nice setting with greenery in the background. The formal atire of the board members is softened by the outdoor setting. Image created by Rebecca Little Photography in Pasadena.
(Above) Board members at the University Club in Pasadena

Images for social media

Social media is an important way to engage with your potential clients and other business owners who are open to collaborating. It offers people an inside look at your business so they feel comfortable with you before you even meet.

We can create plenty of branding photos that will fill your social media calendar.

If you’re unsure how to use your images, I’ll walk you through it and simplify the process. It’s easy to incorporate your images into Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, and LinkedIn.

Professional hair and makeup are available

If you’d like my team to prepare you for your session so you’re camera-ready, let me know. They’re happy to come to your location.

My stylists are experts in their field. They’ve done hair and makeup for hundreds of headshots, weddings, magazines, and film shoots. They know how to make you look natural and not overdone. They follow your lead so you’ll get precisely the look you want.

(Above) Updated personal branding photos for Anna

Which Branding session is right for you?

I offer Full-day and Half-day, and they are done on location.

Graphic designer Amber with modern branding photo for her website. She has short light brown hair with colorful tattoo on her right arm. She has on a sleeveless vintage tweed dress in gray-brown. Her body is turned three-quarters away from the camera. She is looking at the camera and smiling. This personal branding image was created by Rebecca Little Photography at her Pasadena studio.
(Above) Graphic designer Amber with an updated headshot

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