Father’s Day

We look for any excuse to go out for Thai food, so when Grandma wanted to take N out for Fathers Day, we headed to Daisy Mint.

Lulu had a sleepover the night before and had wisely decided to wake up at 7:00am. By the time I got back from my afternoon yoga workshop she was asleep and we had reservations in 45 minutes. It took her a while to wake up and she was sleepy and full of tears, the kind of tears that spill over but you don’t exactly know what’s wrong.

Then she couldn’t fasten her new sandals but wouldn’t let me help her. In the rush to get out of the house, we forgot all the gifts for Dad. The anticipation of a celebratory dinner was fading fast. Then I forgot where the restaurant was and parked a block past it when there was a perfectly good space out front.

All I wanted was a Coke. As soon as the sugar and ice and caffeine hit my system, I would feel better. I could relax.

It’s sad that so much of my happiness depends on ingested chemicals. My morning tea, afternoon candy bar and late night mint chocolate chip ice cream are doled out to achieve inner peace.

As we were sitting down I noticed a table of camera buffs comparing their cameras and lenses. They looked at me excitedly when I walked in and we nodded at each other as fellow Nikon shooters.

On our way back to the car, we spotted a used book store, Book Alley. So parking a block past the restaurant worked to our advantage. There were books lying everywhere and spilling out of boxes.

And finally opening presents at home. Four homemade cards and a pencil sharpener.


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