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Ballet dance photos are a genre I love. If you are in Pasadena or Los Angeles and you're a ballet dancer, let's work together to create contemporary ballet dance photos. People ask me how do you photograph ballet dancers and make them look so beautiful? There are a lot of factors that go into creating classical ballet dance photos for dancers in Pasadena, San Gabriel, San Marino and Los Angeles. This beautiful dancer is Michelle Kolb from Lineage Dance in Pasadena. To photograph this ballet dancer, I used my very large, hand-painted gold backdrop and placed it near the window. Side light can be dramatic as it lights on side of the dancer and adds visual interest. The backdrop has to be large so when she extends her arms and legs, I don't miss any of it. I like to use a nice wide Nikon lens to capture all the movement. This 35mm lens is good because I can back up and capture a wide scene. It's important that dancers show proper technique and if the photos don't show great hand, arm, leg and toe position, they're not acceptable. I've learned that from working with so many ballet dancers. I like to review the images with the dancers in camera so we can keep shooting if they're not happy with it. Wardrobe is another important factor when photographing dancers. Lightweight, flowing fabrics are the best for the traditional photos. When you twirl, the fabric moves with you and creates these floaty photos that we associate with dancers. Then we turn on the photo studio fan and use it to add movement to the fabric and lift the hair. Tulle skirts are the classic ballet outfit. I have a selection of tulle skirts in my photos studio wardrobe and so many elegant blouses to pair them with. You want a flattering collar that shows of your face. Or a wide neck that you can pull down to show off those beautiful dancer shoulders. When dancers come to my Pasadena photo studio, we talk about creating other images besides traditional dance photographs. Fine art images, romantic flower-filled photos, edgy black and white images. We can create all kinds of images for dancers. Let's go on location and create images against a dramatic skyline or in a barren landscape. We can shoot in an urban setting or create timeless images at the studio. Whatever kind of images Pasadena ballet dancers want is what I want to photograph. This image of Michelle Kolb in a tulle skirt was created at my photo studio at 1041 E. Green Street Pasadena, CA 91106. I am the owner of Rebecca Little Photography and I love being a Pasadena photographer for ballet dancers!I love to create ballet dance photos! Ballet dancers have an intriguing combination of grace and grit, romance and athleticism. If you’re a Pasadena ballet dancer and you need photos, let’s talk.

Say no to traditional ballet dance portraits!

I prefer to photograph dancers against hand-painted canvas backdrops, like this gold one I chose for Michelle. Or outside in nature among the field and flowers. I don’t have a white seamless backdrop like you see in traditional ballet dance studio portraits, as I think those are visually uninteresting and bland. Why look like everyone else?

Wardrobe for ballet dance photos

Ballet dancers have no problem with wardrobe. They usually arrive at my studio with bags and bags of leotards and tights and shoes. That’s perfect! I always tell my clients they can’t bring too many clothes. May I also suggest that you bring a couple of your favorite dresses and stylish outfits? Anything in your closet that’s a blast to wear.

My studio wardrobe is perfect for dancers

My extensive studio wardrobe includes a variety of tulle skirts in numerous colors. We have blouses that are beaded, form-fitting, sheer, romantic, edgy and couture-inspired. We have long peignoirs and stiff tulle under-skirts, and yards and yards of fabric to wrap and create unique looks. Dancers have so much fun trying on different outfits and mixing and matching with their own pieces.

A variety of portraits, from romantic to edgy

Whether you want ballet portraits in warm-up clothes and leg warmers, or a romantic photos with tulle blowing in the breeze, or gritty athletic photos that show off your ballet form and hard work, I’m the photographer for you. We can be creative and find the perfect location or we can stay in the studio.

If you’re a Pasadena ballet dancer, contact me using the contact form in the upper right corner, or scroll to the bottom for contact info.

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