LA Singers Need Killer Headshots

Calling all LA singers and songwriters! Do you want flattering sexy headshots for your album cover and promotional materials? Are you in a Los Angeles band and need images for Instagram? Social media is so important for LA singers, whether you perform pop or folk or rock or alternative music. Singers and songwriters need a killer image to stand out from the crowd. Katalin is a Los Angeles singer with a fabulous voice and wanted a headshot that was edgy, yet still pretty and sexy and suited for a millennial. My hair stylist blew out her hair and added soft waves, then we added the fan to add some movement to her hair while I photographed her. We styled her in a simple black dress and I cropped in close to her face to create an intimate artist portrait. Audiences want to feel like they know their favorite musicians and singers and songwriters and a close crop does that. My choice of lens was my old standby the 50mm by Nikon for an intimate headshot. I angled Katalin so the side of her face was towards the window light to give the opposite cheekbone definition and some edginess. Most musicians have leeway to be creative with their Personal Branding. Los Angeles musicians, including singers and guitar players and drummers and bassists can stand out from the crowd and show off their personality. If you are a musician and need cool headshots for you music career, come see Rebecca Little Photography in the Einstein Building in Green Street Village on quaint Green street in Pasadena. We're at 1041 E. Green Street Pasadena, CA 91106LA singers need killer headshots

If you’re an LA singer, your charisma and personality need to come through in your personal branding. You also need images for album covers, promo materials and social media. Whatever your image is –  indie or sunny pop or dark and edgy – you need headshots and branding to get that across. We’ll make sure your photo shoot is designed to create the kind of images you need.

Your branding and headshot session should be fun!

It was a blast working with Katalin! Her personality is big and friendly and outgoing and sexy, and that needed to come through. Here is another shot from her session.

My hair stylist Bri did an amazing job adding beautiful, sexy waves and volume to her hair. I posed her so my large studio window was on the left side and the light brought out the highlights in her hair. We added a fan to give her hair some movement. See the definition on the right side? That shadow helps shape and slim the face, and adds visual interest.

I have several hand-painted canvas backdrops for different moods and outfits. These canvases have more depth than the usual paper backdrops, and are the kinds used in magazine shoots. I chose this classic charcoal one for Katalin. I zoomed in close to her face to make it intimate; that’s why this portrait is immediately engaging and draws you in.

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