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Los Angeles VFX artists need professional headshots for company websites and resumes. LinkedIn is a good place for VFX artist to find new jobs and VFX companies. And, of course, word of mouth is the best way to find production jobs. Below-the-line and above-the-line production jobs need headshots so potential employers get a feel of you. Robin Trickett is a premier VFX artist in Los Angeles and Canada. For her new VFX job at a busy and well-regarded Canadian company, she needed a headshot that matched the other employees. The other shots were dark and moody with heavy shadows, so that's the look we went for. I added black vflats on the opposite side of the window for that edgy look. The natural light from the window gently lights her face and smooths lines and wrinkles. I know exactly how to photograph women so they look professional, but pretty. Her long hair was styled by my professional hair stylist and the light shows it off beautifully. I used my black vflat for the background because that also matched her company's headshots. It gives that moody dark look that we needed. I like to photograph LA VFX artists so they look professional - anything to help them in their job search! The Nikon 50mm lens is my favorite portrait lens and is the one I most often use for headshots.

(Above) Headshot for VFX artist Robin

Robin is a VFX artist who travels between Los Angeles and Canada. She needed a headshot for her new VFX job and it needed to match the other employees.

Matching headshots to staff page

The other headshots on the company’s staff page were dark and heavily shadowed and we needed to match those. When I need to mimic a certain look, I have the images on my laptop so I can refer to them during the session. I want to get as close to the look as possible.

I used my black vflat and pulled it close to the window. I’m lucky that I have windows in my studio and plenty of natural light. The windows give me plenty of options and natural light is very bright and flattering. Instead of directly facing into the light, I had Robin face me so the light came from the side. This created the deep shadow on her face that matched the other headshots.

Hair and Makeup services for headshots

I work with talented stylists who have years of experience and have worked on numerous weddings and film sets. They come with large kits with every kind of makeup and hair product you can imagine.

They’ll listen to you and what your makeup and hair needs are, then create the look you love. Robin wanted her long hair down and styled in soft waves, and she wanted her makeup minimal and natural-looking.

Retouching headshots

We’ll talk about what level of retouching you prefer so your photos are exactly how you want them. Retouching is included with every headshot session.

Contact me for VFX artist headshots

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