Same-sex Couples Welcome at Rebecca Little Photography

Same-sex couples are welcome - romantic and soulful photos for gay men in Pasadena. Rebecca Little Photography is an inclusive LGBT friendly photo studio. We welcome all kinds of couples and partners to our Green Street photo studio. Gay men want cherished family photos that will be treasured forever. I love working with gay and lesbian couples and think everyone deserves photographs they love. This couple was a joy to work with! Paolo Presta has a funny and insightful talk show A Spoonful of Paolo. He got his start when Oprah surprised him in his family grocery store when he was living in Chicago. That lead to a small part on Will and Grace and an eventual move to Los Angeles. Paolo and Oprah go together like peaches and cream and that episode is one of my favorites. I cry every time I see Oprah surprise Paolo! His partner, now husband, is Patrick Thomassie, who is A Spoonful of Paolo producer. Their show is funny and irreverent and full of joy and life. They have amazing celebrity guests from Judith Light to Kristen Chenoweth to Carol Burnett. I wanted to create a series of romantic images for this gay couple and show off their warm personalities. We met at All Saints Church in Pasadena where they got married in 2016. There are so many beautiful locations there. This photograph was in front of an old wooden door on the outside of the church. If you want to take beautiful photos of LGBT couples, treat them with love and acceptance and respect, like you would with any other couple. There's really nothing different when you're photographing two gay men. Let their love for each other shine through! Wardrobe for gay couples is important. I love how their shirts coordinate - the deep red and dark blue pairing perfectly. I knew this church door would make the perfect background for this shot, and I wanted their arms around each other to show their love and affection. The sunlight illuminates their faces and highlights their happy smiles. I like to show gay couples outdoors like this, and zI believe that love is love is love. There are a couple of lens choices when you're photographing same-sex couples. The Nikon 50mm is my favorite portrait lens and is a classic lens for couples.You can stand close to the couple and it makes for an intimate photo that highlights love and affection between two men. or wider shots, I choose my Nikon 35mm so I can capture a full-length photo. I love intimate same-sex photos because they show the love between two men and make you feel like you are right there.Same-sex couples and members of the LGBTQIA community are welcome at Rebecca Little Photography. We believe that love is love is love, and that if we’re lucky enough to find love in this life, it should be celebrated.

Paolo Presta and Patrick Thomassie

I met Patrick and Paolo at All Saints Church in Pasadena for their engagement photos. These men are two bright lights of positive energy and joy. You can’t help but be happy just being around them.

Paolo is the host of A Spoonful of Paolo and Patrick is the producer.

This talk show has the most amazing guests. Seriously. You can find it here.

Locations for same-sex couples

My goal is to show the love that two people have for each other.

I knew All Saints had lots of great locations with lots of variety. For this shot, we took the pathway that winds through the back of the church and leads to the side lawn. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were familiar with the church grounds.

This old wooden door is around a corner and there are tall stone walls on all sides. It’s the perfect spot for this photo. I love how happy and connected they are.

Wardrobe for same-sex photos

Because we were shooting outside, we didn’t want to fuss with changing outfits, so whatever they wore had to be suitable for every location. These colors are perfect.
I always suggest jewel tones to my clients because they photograph so well. And they look equally good in black and white.

Dark jeans or black pants are almost always a good choice. The dark color anchors you and provides a foundation.

If you need couples or family photos, please contact me using the contact form in the upper right corner, or scroll to the bottom for contact info. My studio is in Pasadena and I work on location.


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